Bring Passion Back To The Bedroom…

Bring Passion Back To The Bedroom…

I’ve been married to the same man for a little over 14 years. With two children and a full time job the romance just seemed to fade over the years. It happened so gradually that I hardly even noticed.

Like most mothers its hard to lose the weight after having a baby and I quickly became insecure with my body. Lingerie and sex were soon replaced with baggy pj’s and bowls of ice cream.

After several years of failed diets and long cardio sessions at the gym I came across the Flat Belly Fix System. What intrigued me most about this program was the results it promised in such a short time frame. I thought if I could achieve even half those results I’d be ecstatic.

Fast forward a few months and I’ve lost ALL the weight. My husband can’t keep his hands off me… the intimacy is back and stronger than ever. We are like a couple of teenagers doing you know what… you know where… over and over. I can’t believe I waited so long to bring passion back to the bedroom!

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21 thoughts on “Bring Passion Back To The Bedroom…”

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  2. I had a similar experience. It usually happens gradually that you’ll hardly notice. My case was not even about been scared of my newly added weight but that my stomach got this new flab look and it really wasn’t looking pretty. I’m glad a friend suggested this flat belly fix system as it worked out just fine and I’m happy with the results. My wardrobe is finally getting sexier and I have never felt prouder of myself for taking it seriously.

  3. Really grateful for this. Here, I was thinking I’ll forever be stuck with my new found friend which is my flabby stomach but I guess with this program, it won’t know what hit it. You really do not know how much I needed this. Thanks for it.

  4. Lol.. Couple of teenagers doing you know what over and over? Hehe. Interesting. I really can’t wait to get into the groove too. I recently started the flat-belly fix system and I’m optimistic that it will turn out better than the ones I have wasted much money on with no results.

  5. Wow. This must be a lot for you. I think I just got lucky. My post baby weight is really not a big deal. They usually burn off even without much work from me. I just watch my diet, exercise like there’s no tomorrow and ensure I don’t do anything that will encourage me to lazy about and pile that fat!

  6. “My husband and I used to be this energetic and always doing our stuff you know where (lol) over and over.” But I missed my pill once and after the baby, I feel like the great cannon! No jokes! I will not even mention how my body feels bloated all over. My husband keeps saying he’s not bothered about it but I know the romance and feeling is no longer as it used to be and I’m all out to bring back the passion to our bedroom. Been scouring the internet like my life is on it and I’m glad l came across this program. I’ll try it and see how far it goes.

  7. Ahh. If you are struggling with belly fat after your kids and still haven’t tried the flatbelly fix system, you are still a long way off. I used this for some weeks and when I compared a ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture, I just couldn’t hold back the smile. It’s all something you can do and there’s a good chance that you’ll love the result!

  8. Yeah. Most mothers just find it quite hard to lose the weight after having a baby and they quickly became insecure with their body. But I feel this happens because they are making huge efforts trying to get a solution. There are quite a number of slimming programs out there and so once you do your research well, you’ll get the most effective and safe one to help you get your confidence back. I never struggled with enjoying romance with my husband as I never wait for long before bouncing back to my pre-baby body. Not when I have programs targeted at helping me keep my body in check. I’ve tried this Flat Belly Program too and the results are awesome I must agree. I totally recommend it.

  9. This is sure going to be the most effective belly fat loss program I’ve done. I’ve actually lost weight on other parts of my body after lots of dieting and exercising but my belly never got better. This belly fat program took that off my list in a very short time and I really appreciate whoever thought about it.

  10. I was recently delivered of a beautiful baby and I’m already seeing myself saying goodbye to lingerie and sex as my body just doesn’t want to readjust and go back to normal even with all my dieting and exercise. I hope this is not the end of our romance life as this is just the first baby.

  11. Phew! It’s really not easy planning your diet yourself, exercising and changing lifestyle only to see little success. I’m even thinking of totally allowing myself like that and see how I can be bold enough to go meet my husband again since he’s not complaining about it.

  12. Lol. I can totally relate to when baggy pj’s became my favorite piece of clothing. In fact, it got to a point I couldn’t wear body hugs because it would show off those extra flabs I’m trying to hide. It was really embarrassing and I kept hiding clothes my husband bought for me, lying I couldn’t find them because I knew they would blow my cover. However, the day I learned about this flat belly stuff; all my low self-esteem left faster than they came. It was a blessing for me and finally, I got to rock those gowns and flaunt my curves again. It is very effective and I’ll always tell all moms about it because we just can’t afford to have a cold bed all the time, if you know what I mean lol.

  13. Omg! I can’t believe the total weight loss this program helped me achieve. If someone had told me I would still rock my previous body shape, I would have laughed in their face! But now I have it and nothing makes me more excited than the fact that my husband and I are going back to our rough romance just the way we always wanted it. Thanks a bunch.

  14. Ha, I’m going to binge on bowls of ice cream as I just found out about this flat belly fix. I have seen its results on a friend and I know it’s just what I need. But first, I gotta enjoy the remaining ice creams I stocked in the fridge for the week. Hehehe.

  15. Mine crept up on me and before I knew it, I was so occupied with the kids that I ALMOST totally forgot my husband. Even on some occasions when we try to get together, I get really self-conscious and end up hiding under the sheets. It’s not a good thing and I’ll really appreciate any fix at this point.

  16. Gosh! Can’t believe after several years of dieting and long cardio sessions, I can hear about something like this! I guess I was stuck with the belief that my diet and exercise will help. Wrong guess I can tell now. But I’m willing to give this a try. Thanks for mentioning it.

  17. Just started the program now and really looking forward to reviving the good old days with my husband. I want us back the way we were and I’m very hopeful that this will work.

  18. It actually took me a while to agree that long hours at the gym and dieting cannot fix all body fat issues. Though I have not tried this Flat Belly Fix System, I have heard from people that it works well even for a short period. It’s interesting and I’m willing to give it a try myself.

  19. Hmm. If I could achieve half of whatever results the program is offering, I’d really be ecstatic. I’ve tried a lot of things but it’s just my money and time going with nothing positive.

  20. Huh? Do you mean all the weight? Gosh! Where have I been all this while! I hope it’s not late though as my husband and I are now awkwardly getting comfortable sleeping away from each other.

  21. Totally relatable! My romance life dropped to zero after my last child and even when my husband tried to come close, I would flee because I just couldn’t stand showing him my body. I got this program off Facebook and I have just recently started it. I’ve noticed improvements and after stumbling on this post, I just had to drop my own thoughts about it. It’s a good program and I recommend it to people struggling with weight loss and belly fat.

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